Bug Proof your Summer…

Bug Proof your Summer!

Summer is well on the way. We know how important it is to get your kids outside. Below are two items I use to bug proof my summer for me and my family!


Ticks are the WORST thing! Those little varmints attach and cause all sorts of problems! The worst being Lyme Disease. Lyme disease is caused by bacteria called Borrelia burgdorferi. Blacklegged ticks/Deer Ticks can carry these bacteria. Not all species of ticks can carry these bacteria. Immature ticks are called nymphs, and they are about the size of a pinhead. Nymphs pick up bacteria when they feed on small rodents, such as mice, infected with B burgdorferi. You can get the disease if you are bitten by an infected tick. Lyme disease was first reported in the United States in 1977 in the town of Old Lyme, Connecticut.

With Lyme Disease on the rise, taking precautions when heading outside every time is essential in keeping ticks off of you. Living in the North East we are in a hot spot for ticks. I use YaYa Organics TICK BAN every time we head outside. It is not overpowering with a smell and it is safe on kids of all ages as well as pets. Along with using TICK BAN I also do a tick check every night on Little Girl to make sure she is safe.


Nothing spoils a good time like being chased down by bugs. Mosquitos are primed to us all summer long! When we can’t catch a break from them, enjoying the summer weather and playing outside with our children becomes so much harder because you’re faced with the worry of being attacked by a swarm of them every time you move. Nearly everyone is sensitive to mosquito bites. Although rare, some mosquitos carry diseases such as:

  • malaria
  • dengue fever
  • encephalitis, or brain infection
  • yellow fever
  • West Nile virus
  • Zika virus
  • meningitis, or brain and spinal cord inflammation

Prevention is the best thing. I use California Baby Bug Repellent. It is safe to use on small children as does not contain harsh chemicals that could harm the skin.

As summer gets into full swing keep you and your loved ones safe on the outside. Prevention is key. If you do have exposure to ticks or a mosquito bite gone rogue it is best to have it checked out by your doctor.

Be safe and have a fun summer!


  1. Pero

    Never worried about ticks , they don’t like me . Never had a single one , but mosquitoes on other hand they ficking adore me

  2. Petar

    Cool info , like that you provided links to organic medicine that you use

  3. Marko

    Thanks for useful tips . My dog is real magnet for ticks . In the middle of winter in two feet deep snow he menages to find ticks

  4. Zvonimir

    Interesting , never heard of those brands , will check them out next time when i order anti mosquito and tick lotions

  5. Jovan

    Thanks for recommendations , i will check them out

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