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Caution…falling iguanas

Caution…Falling Iguanas

Yes, you read that post right.  Falling Iguanas.  This was an actual warning sent out by the National Weather Service of Miami.  This past week it became so cold in Miami that iguanas were falling out of their perches and landing on whatever was under them.  Being the cold-blooded animals that they are the poor creatures could not handle the cold snap gripping the state.  Iguanas become catatonic and fall to the ground.  There they stay until it warms up and then resumes life as normal…for an iguana that is.

Now upon some research, I discovered that iguanas can grow up to 7 feet long and can weigh upwards of 2o pounds.   So imagine a 7-foot toddler being tossed down on you!  That is not something that is going to bounce off of you!  Oh the carnage on cars, houses, gray-haired women on their way to church.  If you get hit with one of these larger ones it is going to leave a mark!   No umbrella in the world is going to protect you from falling iguanas.

Stunned…not dead!

Lest you all loose sleep over the sharp decline of the iguana population in Florida I am happy to report that most of the iguanas did come around once it warmed up a bit and went on to resume a normal life.   They climbed back up to their perches to keep a watchful eye over the state of Florida.

You can’t make this stuff up!

What’s next?  Flying pigs…?  Stay safe out there!




  1. Oh my word, the poor lizards! I am glad that they are okay and I hope that no one was injured or things too damaged by this phenomenon of falling iguanas! And thank you for the wonderful little giggle this post gave me this morning! The truth really is often much stranger than fiction!


    1. beachchairtracy

      It really is!

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