Spring Bling Paypal Giveaway

February is a hard month!

The novelty of winter has ended.  The snow is crusted with ice and not good for anything.  The days are starting to get longer but it is not warm enough to make good use of the longer days.  How can we turn winter blues around?


Below are some fav items that can get you into the mood for spring and don’t forget to enter into the SPRING BLING giveaway!

Enjoy a nice glass of something in this lovely blinged out wine glass!  

Designs by Lolita “Spring Bling” Hand-painted Artisan Super Bling Wine Glass, 22 oz


Add some bling to your patio or deck chairs!

Pillow Perfect Outdoor Spring Bling Wrought Iron Seat Cushion, Multicolored, Set of 2

And what is spring without some slamming new bling flip  flops

Montana West Women Flip Flops Shiny Bling Sandals Crystals Floral Concho Black


And now my favorite!  

Decadence Unisex Adult Sse394 Sterling Silver Pave Flip Flop Stud Earrings, One Size

Now a way to afford some new spring bling in your life.  Enter below for a chance at $50 PayPal!


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  1. wendy hutton

    my favorite season is fall as the weather is a bit cooler and the colors of the trees are so pretty

  2. Pero

    Winter , i like cold and snow more the summer and hot

  3. Calvin

    I like the fall the most, the crisp air and many more.

  4. Zvonimir

    Autumn , leaves fall and everything is in beautiful yellow-red colors

  5. Marko

    Summer , when it’s hot and i am on the beach

  6. Natalie

    My favorite season is fall because the leaves are gorgeous and the weather is perfect! Not too hot or cold.

  7. Debra Guillen

    Spring is my favorite season.

  8. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Spring – awakening from the winter slumber – new life

  9. Terri Shaw

    My favorite season is Fall

  10. Petar

    Favorite season , must be summer

  11. Kim

    Love the shoes

  12. Fall. I love the colors and cool weather.

  13. Nik

    Summer for sure.

  14. Rosie

    Right now at this moment I feel Spring is my favorite. I also love Fall when the leaves are turning and they haven’t fallen off yet. But there is something so wondrous about the buds opening, flowers popping up, things turning green, and the intoxicating feeling of sun beams dancing on your head and a soft breeze’s caresses.

  15. Georgina Prince

    i love winter, always have it’s my birthday and xmas x

  16. Valerie Seal

    I feel the cold so summer is my favourite season.

  17. Barbara Montag

    My favorite season is spring.
    It’s starting to warm up but not too hot.
    thank you

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