1. KV

    It snows here.

  2. Debra Guillen

    We presently have snow on the ground here.

  3. I’m in NH and yes it does but where I am we haven’t had it just yet but I know it’s coming!

    1. beachchairtracy

      That is where I am too! They got it up North…perhaps Friday for us!

  4. Pero

    No , it is super warm for this time of the year , flies are still flying outside , live and well

  5. Marko

    No , it is unusually hot actually


    No but were about 2 hrs away from it in Big Bear MT.

  7. Rosie

    It does snow where we are, we had our first dusting a few days ago, and this weekend some snow in the forecast!

    1. beachchairtracy

      So are we! Looks like no school for us tomorrow!

  8. Cheryl B

    Yes, it snows too much in my neck of the woods.

  9. Calvin

    Yes, but not too much usually

  10. Lynne T

    Yes, I live on Long Island.

  11. Kayley

    I’m in southern California, so no snow here! One of the things I miss from when I lived in a colder climate.

  12. Clare O'Brien

    It snows where I live.

  13. Lisa

    I does snow here.

  14. Tiffany S

    Yes, it snowed this past Thursday and the roads were horrible.

  15. Julie Matek

    I live in Wisconsin and yes it snows! It has snowed twice already:(

  16. Maryssa T

    Yes, I live in New England. It does snow here.

  17. Heather Howard

    Yes. But it seems to either be a light dusting or 3 feet…never in between…

  18. Darlene Carbajal

    I wish it did!

  19. Marlene V

    Yes we get lots of snow over winter time in Calgary , AB, Canada

  20. wendy hutton

    yes it snows here, too much too often lol

  21. Laurence Price

    I live in Canada, so it does a lot.

  22. Zvonimir

    Yes , it started just today

  23. Steve Weber

    Im in Wisconsin – we get lots of snow.

  24. Will G

    Sadly yes.

  25. Kristi F

    Yes, it definitely does where I live.

  26. Alexandra Y

    It rarely snows and it never sticks.

  27. Jill McDowell

    Occasionally but it’s not normal!

  28. Crystal M

    It did before global warming happened.

  29. No, it is the day after Thanksgiving and in the 80’s!

  30. Robin M

    Only at the top of Mauna Kea; I live in Hawaii!

  31. Lindsay A.

    Here in the PNW (near Seattle) it depends! Some winters we don’t get any at all, other winters we might get some snow 2-4 times throughout.

  32. ChristineK

    it snows here in PA

  33. doug gerard

    Yes. Last winter the snow was snowing & my nose was blowing…

  34. heather

    Yes thank goodness it snows where I live love it.

  35. Wanda B

    It snows a LOT where I live.

  36. Kristina

    I live in Florida, so no snow for me!

  37. Dericka Buckles

    I does not snow here where I live.

  38. Robyn Bellefleur

    Yes, it does, I am in Toronto so lots of snow.

  39. Rebecca W

    Yes, it snows here! We are waiting for some snow for Christmas!!

  40. Krista M

    It sure does! But surprisingly we are having a green Christmas this year.

  41. al

    Definitely snows.

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  43. Nancy

    Just a bit cooler here. No snow.

  44. Zoey

    Yes, we definitely get snow here.

  45. Shirley Emitt

    It does snow here, little, and sometimes a lot.

  46. It snows here but not a lot.

  47. live in Florida never any snow here

  48. Dana Rodriguez

    Maybe once every 5 or 6 years.

  49. Natalie

    It snows a lot where I live!

  50. I live in New England, so it definitely snows.

  51. Heather D.

    It does snow here however it has not snowed yet this year.

  52. Nicole Ackerman

    Snows every winter in NJ!

  53. Donna Teller

    I live in Michigan and we get a lot of snow although not much so far this winter which has been really nice.

  54. Debbie Penney

    Yes, it snows here

  55. Lisa

    It does snow here but we havent gotten much this season yet.

  56. Kelsey Vinson

    It does snow here. We’ve had a few small snows already but we get a majority of ours during January.

  57. Elicia P

    Yes it snows.. I dislike it very much.

  58. Sarah Mayer

    I’m in Wisconsin – it definitely snows here.

  59. Mary Gardner

    We usually get 2 or 3 snows per year.

  60. Jonathan Flores

    yes in ellensburg WA

  61. Jennifer Keating

    I’m in PA, yes it snows here. Luckily we haven’t gotten much this winter. I’m happy about that!

  62. Amber Hensley

    YES!!! It snows here in KY!!!

  63. Kathy Bowen

    We usually get a light dusting of snow in January or early February. We had a record breaking blizzard in 1993.

  64. Leah Shumack

    I live in ski country western NY…there isn’t much of the year where we don’t have snow on the ground lol

  65. Laura

    Not usually. I think it’s only snowed once since we’ve been living here.

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