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Biological mom on my daughters birthday…

Tomorrow is a special day. Little Girl turns 8. That is 8 years this wonderful soul has walked this earth. The day will be spent celebrating with her friends. Giggling. Eating ice cream and cake. Playing. Being silly. Being little girls! I cherish the sounds of her and her sweet friends in my home. This is a day of celebration for us. This day will bring presents and festivities.

We are celebrating the birth of a child I did not carry. I did not birth. I did not create. This fact is not lost on me. I know in the creation of our family it meant a death for another. To the biological mother of my child, I want to say thank you and I am sorry. Thank you for bringing this child into this world. Thank you for making her early memories fun and creative. I am sorry that life choices led to the removal of Little Girl from your home. I am sorry that you will not be there to see her grow and change and thrive. I am sorry that you are on this hard road.

If you were with me now I would make a promise to you that my husband and I will always provide for her. We will afford her every opportunity she wishes to try. We promise that no matter what we will love her and accept her as she is. She can always come to us. She has a bright future. One filled with so many adventures. We will encourage her to be her very best!

I would also release you. Release you to find your new normal. Please don’t carry this guilt around like a weight. Learn from your past choices so you don’t’ repeat them. Get the help you need to move forward and live a life that is full and rich. I have no idea if you are a spiritual person or not, but if you are, then cling onto that and reach out for guidance.  Reach out to your church, your neighbors. Your path may have changed but that doesn’t mean it won’t be full of love.

You and I will always be connected. You had her past and I have her future.

Happy Birthday, Little Girl! You are loved!

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  1. Michele Haynes

    😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 love you all my sweet friend. I know in a small way as a sister of 2 adopted brothers, how cherished this is.
    You have my ❤

  2. Happy birthday, Little Girl. Eight is a fabulous age. Love the description of her and her friends in the house. I hope they all have fun. This is such a lovely letter to her biological mother. #PoCoLo

  3. Marko

    Happy birthday to your daughter !

  4. Pero

    Happy birthday , she is so happy to have mom like you

  5. Eight is the age of my Little, and it is fun! I do wish yours a very happy birthday. This post is beautiful and as 1 mom in a two-mom relationship, that did not give birth, this is beautiful. I hope your bio-mom reads this somehow, some way. And I know this is one lucky kid, too! #thatfridaylinky xoxo

  6. Lovely post. Hope it was a great day and you savored every one of those giggles #thatfridaylinky

  7. Very poignant. How lovely you are to adopt and to understand and have a kind heart to the mum who let her go. I am adopted and have wondered over the years whether my birth mum ever felt like sending me back as I gave her enough issues along the way but your post made me think she probably never did and I thank you for that #MMBC

  8. Bautiful words and happy birthday to your daughter X #anytihnggoes

  9. Rosie

    Eight is a fun age! I used to have my niece every weekend until they moved away, and when she was that age it was nice in that she was old enough that she started having interests of her own I could help develop. Happy birthday! And you are doing a great job!

  10. Zvonimir

    Such a wonderful words , you made me cry a bit . Happy birthday to your daughter

  11. Such a sweet post💕 I hope it was a fun filled day:)

  12. What a wonderful letter to a birth mother. Visiting from #HooksAndDragons.

  13. Happy birthday to your little girl. Such a beautiful post. As much as I am frustrated and at times angry with birth mother – I am greatful and I feel sad for her and all that she will miss out on. I too hope that the SW has explained to her everything her daught has and will have and that BM finds some comfort in this.

  14. Forgot the tag #mixitup

  15. I hope she had an amazing birthday and that you enjoyed the big day as well. thanks for linking up with #globalblogging

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