View from the chair

Snow day parody…

Twas the first snow day

and all through the house

not a creature was stirring

not even the little girl.

Mom snuck downstairs with laptop in hand

with hopes to start writing

to gain more fans.

I open the curtains and what do I see?

A world of white waiting for me.

A jeep full of snow,  a van full as well.

How long before the plow guy comes?

Only time will tell.

I turn up the heat and think to myself

how long till I hear feet

above me as well.

The dog needs to be walked

but she really hates the snow.

How long can she wait?

Only she can know.

A full day before us

with nothing to do.

We will go outside

and build an igloo.

The dishes can wait

the laundry can too,

It’s a snow day for her

and for mom too!




  1. Zvonimir

    Sorry stil nothing at my place , started snowing today but it is very wet and mush

  2. Rosie

    I love this, so cute! And the first snow day has that sparkle, and a cheer from every kid that gets the day off school, and mom has a twinkle in her eye, too! We grew up on top of a mountain, and oh, those snow days, we loved them!

  3. Pero

    It started snowing it started snowing , yippee

  4. Marko

    Snow fun , best thing to me is hike to nearby hill and snow whole day !

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