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A hush went through…

A hush went through…

It seems spring has sprung here in New England.  Yesterday was THE perfect day.  Lovely weather.  The rain in the morning cleared off and the temps hit the 70’s.  There was a breeze, so no bugs.  Perfect!  My nephew runs track and field for Gordon College and he and his team had a meet in the next town over.  We all made our way over to cheer him on.

It was at Southern New Hampshire University.  We arrived at warm-ups.  There had to have been at least 30 colleges there.  All competing.  All wandering around.  People everywhere!  There was energy in the air as laps were being set up and competitors were stretching and getting into the zone.  Noise.  Motion.  Activity.  Proud family members looking on.  It was all abuzz..until….

A hush fell through the crowd.

Little girl and I were on our way to the bathroom when all the noise faded away and motion stopped.  Then I heard it.  Someone was singing the national anthem.  These athletes and family members were standing and quiet as a young lady (whom I could not see) sang our anthem.  These teams who came to compete against each other stood for a moment in time, in solidarity.  The competition put aside.  Their school colors put aside.  They were united for a brief moment.

I may be reading too much into this but I wish we as adults, humans, citizens of the US or any country could put aside what separates us and celebrate what makes us unique.  We are all created to be unique.  If we could celebrate that uniqueness instead of warring over it how much nicer this planet would be.

I am proud to say my nephew shot a personal best in shot put.  Well done boy!  Well done Gordon.


  1. Pero

    Such a nice notion

  2. Marko

    The same thing that drives us forward is the thing that separate us , passion

  3. Rosie

    Beautifully said, I love music that brings back the inspiration to higher thoughts. And congrats to Gordon! Saturday was nice here, too, it seemed like Spring for the first time.

  4. Petar

    Lovely story

  5. Zvonimir

    Congrats to your nephew , lovely story indeed

  6. Jovan

    Nicely said , that was sight to be seen

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