New Heart

A new heart…

I have started this post several times. Not sure what to say or how to say it. I know one thing…once I type it…it becomes real. Husband and I have kept it close to our family but the cat’s out of the bag now so to say. So time to announce it on the world stage…haha! Husband has been quite ill for some time. His stay in ICU last November took a toll on him. Thankfully his kidneys and liver seem to come back alive. They are doing well. The wound that caused all this seems to be healing also. The one thing that took a hit was his heart. He has dropped to 10% function. So…we are heading towards a heart transplant. He is ok. He has his good days when he can putter around the house and dance with me in the kitchen. Then he has his bad days where he gets winded walking into the kitchen. It is a strange thing this heart failure diagnosis. He looks normal and acts normal until he is not. We are keeping things as normal as possible for our family. I still go to work, Little Girl still goes to school. Husband’s job now is to get better and make lots and lots of phone calls to navigate this maze.  There are a lot of unknowns…when, where, how, who? What we do know is that we are a strong family with great support. We are children of the high KING who has a plan for us. We will prosper and not be harmed. We may not know what that looks like yet but we can cling to the promise that God’s ways are better…even in the dark valley. The funny thing about being in the “valley of darkness” is when enough people come around you bearing His light it does not seem so dark. Prayers, please. For peace, strength, finances, wisdom…you know the usual. We are encouraged to know that we are not alone. We will keep you all updated on this crazy journey.

To learn how you can be an organ donor check out this link here.

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