H[]me Door Sign…

H[]ME Door Sign

I was searching for some home decor on the internet (like I do) for something to put up. It’s amazing the kinds of creative things people come up with. Things like Neon Filter signs or artificial plant walls, and then there’s this little gem on Facebook that caught my eye. It’s a large sign with the word H[]ME with interchangeable pictures for the O. This fits right in my wheelhouse. I love the look and the ease of this piece. I ordered it and it arrived over the weekend. I was very surprised at the size. When I put it on my front door it was perfect for the space! This is an item sold from a gal from Etsy. Kadie over at BackroadDaydreams made this lovely piece.

The sign is made of solid wood. The black letters are a type of vinyl lettering. In place of the O are 3 circle velcro tabs that allow you to interchange the pieces you order. I gave each one a good shake and they all stayed in place.

When you order you have your choice of 5 pieces. I could not make up my mind so I ended up ordering an extra piece for an additional $5. With that said I already have a wish list for more pieces!

Kadie has 19 pieces to choose from but also has an option for custom made. So the sky is really the limit. I have looked around her store and I can tell she is very creative and would be up to any task you set before her.

If you are looking for a sign or home decor I would suggest you start with Etsy. It supports small businesses and I have found the owners stand behind their products! Thank you Kadie for a great product and handwritten note you sent with it! I LOVE IT!


  1. Pero

    Cool , but you can also make your own O piece instead of ordering one . Take a photo of a pet or your family and put that . But cool idea

    1. beachchairtracy

      That is a great idea! Make it even more personal!

  2. Marko

    Nice little gadget

  3. Petar

    That sign is a blast

  4. Zvonimir

    Nice of you to support local small businesses instead of some mega corp

  5. Jovan

    Nice , like the design of it and the fact it’s using wood instead of plastic

  6. Natalie

    This would be a perfect addition to our front door. It is personalization that makes a house a home!

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