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A Rough Weekend…

I am so thankful for insurance.  I know.  That is a strange way to start a blog post.  What seemed like a normal weekend coming was interrupted on Friday morning when Little Girl woke Daddy and me up in tears.  She said she did not feel well and was wobbly and shakey.   Day home from school.  Although towards the end of Friday she seemed fine.  Dinner, bed….life as usual.  Saturday morning a HARD wakeup.  Tears.  Crying.  Fever.  Fast forward to being admitted to the Hospital a few hours later.  Blood work, ultrasound, IV, labs, labs, and more labs!  Little Girl had a “mini-vacation” at Concord’s finest Pediatric wing.  She was treated like a princess.   However, the princess was under the weather.  Even I was treated very well.  When a parent stays with their child they are given meals and a bed to sleep on.  Thankfully it was a short stay and she was soon home.  One more day off from school and then she should be back in full swing.  Let me circle back to my first sentence.  I am thankful for insurance.  Since Little Girl was adopted from Foster Care she qualifies for the best state insurance at no cost to us.  Not once did I have to wonder how I was going to pay for her care.  Not once did I have to run numbers through my head.  Although my husband and I would do anything to keep Little Girl healthy and safe it is nice to know that her health will not be a financial strain on us.  One of the many ways God continued to bless us by adding this treasure to our family!


  1. Oh gosh the poor thing, I hope she feels better soon X #mmbc

  2. This must’ve been scary for you all, but amazing that you didn’t have the added stress of worrying about the costs. Reading this makes me even more thankful for the NHS here, I can’t imagine how hard it must be worrying about medical costs anytime someone in the family is ill or hurt. x #LivingArrows

  3. Pen

    OMG you poor thing. What a stress and a shock. I am glad she is feeling better now. It is scary how quickly health can deteriorate in young children. Pen x #Anythinggoes

  4. OH my what a fright, I do hope she’s feeling much better now. Here we have the wonderful NHS which means we don’t have to worry about things like this and insurance is not required. It’s good that you don’t have to worry about it for your little girl too x

  5. oh my goodness! hope your little one gets well soon

  6. So glad to hear your daughter is going to be okay! The Lord was certainly watching over your family. #anythinggoes

  7. I’m glad she’s better. Nothing more frightening than a sick child. I’m glad you have the insurance – health care is astronomical. #keepitreal

  8. Hope she is feeling better. I’m both glad for your family that this wasn’t a huge financial burden and at the same time angry that for so many people still it would have been. I shudder to think of all those that might have waited longer or not taken their kid in at all over fear of this #anythinggoes

  9. What a scary ordeal to go through! I hope she gets better soon. Our God is great. #TwinklyTuesday

  10. Pero

    Glad to hear she will be OK

  11. Marko

    Oh dear , glad that she is alright , i shudder when i think about US health situation. There are lots of things in Europe that are wrong , but universal healthcare system is NOT one of those things.

  12. What a horrible time you have had, hope things improve soon #keepingitreal@_karendennnis

  13. I’m glad to hear she’s on the mend. Reading posts like this though make me appreciate our free health care here in the UK even more. #LivingArrows

  14. So sorry to hear this! Glad she is feeling better now.



  15. HI Tracy, I’m sure you would do anything you can to keep Litte Girl safe and well, but how nice to have a support system like that to ensure that children who may have not had the best start in life get medical support without their family having to stress. On the other hand, it must be very hard for a family who can’t give their children the medical care they may need… I hope that Little Girl is feeling much better now and is back to her usual self.

    Thank you for sharing with the #keepingitreal link up.


  16. That must have all been so scary, so glad she’s on the mend x

  17. I can absolutely understand that you are very thank ful for this! And also, brilliant that she seems fine again now! Such a worry when health fails, and you do not need financial worries on top of that xx #MixItUp

  18. Bless her, I hope she’s feeling better soon #TriumphantTales

  19. Its great that at what must be an incredibly worrying time for you, the one thing you don’t have to worry about is how you will pay for her care. So glad to read she’s feeling better now. Thanks for linking up #twinklytuesday

  20. Sorry to hear that your daughter was unwell. I totally relate about having health insurance and having peace of mind that the medical bills will be paid. Hoping that your daughter is on the mend – all the best #TriumphantTales

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  22. I’m so glad she is doing better and that her medical care was covered, financial strain never makes a medical situation easier. #DreamTeam

  23. Hello Tracy,

    I’m hoping for your little girl’s continued recovery! I hope you and the rest of your family are okay too.


    1. beachchairtracy

      Thank you. Yes, she is doing much better. Just a strange virus. One of those that just kind of knock you down and out. Part of being a parent!

      1. Hello Tracy,

        Glad that she is much better! It’s hard being a parent but it’s wonderful too!


  24. What a worrying time. I hope that she is better now. It’s when I read things like this that make me so grateful for our NHS. Thank you for sharing with #TriumphantTales.

  25. Bless you, that’s a horrible ordeal for you all to go through and I cannot imagine the added stress for those who don’t live with National Health Care…my little girl was in hospital for 5 days when she was diagnosed with T1 Diabetes…goodness knows how much that would have cost us had we not been in the UK. My heart goes out to you all and I’m thankful for a speedy recovery xxx #blogcrush

  26. This is such a wake up call for me , living in the UK who have access to the National Health Service and medical care at our fingertips. We never need worry if we can afford to look after our babies , or indeed our own , medical care. It’s a truly blessed thing.
    Congratulations , someone loved this post so much they added it to our #blogcrush linky

  27. Rosie

    Glad she is better. It can be very scary when kids get sick, good thing you have good insurance, the smallest hospital visit and/or stay costs a fortune.

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