How do you see it?

This is a picture of the lights above one of my bathroom vanities.

What do you notice first in this picture?  

Go on.  Take a look.

I will wait.

What do you see?

Most of you will see that I have a light out.

How many of you saw that first?

It is kind of obvious.  I have a light out.  What I want to encourage you in this crazy time of year is to focus on the positives.  Instead of noticing that I have a light out, notice that three bulbs are working?


I am thankful those three lights work.  Otherwise, I would be doing my makeup in the dark.  Or by the small light casts from the hallway.  This may seem silly but think about it on a greater level.

This time of year we tend to get so busy in the rush of the holidays that we don’t take time to enjoy the season.  We get caught up on comparing our life with others.  More presents.  Bigger tree.  Better lights.  MORE, MORE, MORE!

I found myself comparing my life the other day.  One friend got a new SUV.  Another friend is planning a summer vacation to Europe.  I was starting down the road of poor me!  Then something amazing happened.  I heard my daughter laughing downstairs.  Laughing.  That full body, down to the toes laughter.  It was like a two by four to the face.  How quickly I had forgotten the 3 plus years we fought for her in court.  The many meetings regarding her permanency plan in case her biological parents could not work their plan.   How quickly I forgot the sheer joy on her adoption day.  It was at that moment I realized I have everything I need.  I have a husband who loves me deeply.  We have our daughter.  My life is by no means hard.  I am blessed beyond measure.  I was letting comparison steal my joy.

I want to encourage you this season to focus on the positives.  Focus on what makes you happy.  Focus on the joys!  Look what is around the tree instead of under it!






  1. Pero

    In a rush to be better then Johnson’s across the street we forget what is most important ; family

  2. Marko

    Happiness is in small stuff , not big expensive ones

  3. Zvonimir

    Kids are our most precious gift

  4. Rosie

    This is so true! I recall something that made a change in my thinking. I was envying someone in my complex, from outside in the back you could see her windows, it had the prettiest fancy (expensive) drapes, and beautiful baskets full of flowers. I wasn’t “jealous,” per se, but thought how lucky she is, looks like she has it going on. Then I found out she was very sick with breast cancer, her being taken out on a stretcher to an ambulance several times, then she died. I thought to myself you don’t always know what someone else is going through, who looks like they have it made – fancy car, clothes, millions in investments. Be content with what you have and count your blessings. Strive to do what you can, but don’t miss the daily blessings!

  5. Calvin

    Observation effect, definitely changing perspective is important !

  6. Petar

    We often overlook small things in a rush to catch that big thing

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