Non-food gifts for Valentine’s Day…

Non-Food Gifts for Valentine’s Day

I still have candy laying around from Halloween. Yes…I know it is January.   After Halloween then it is Thanksgiving and Little Girl comes home from school with a bag full candy treats from school.  Add to the pile.  Tack on Christmas…more sweets.  You know what is right around the corner?  Valentines Day.  You know those fun cards have some little sugar cube attached.  What’s after VDay?  Easter.  MORE CANDY!  Yahoooo!  I am not against sweets.  I really am not.  I like a good mound of chocolate or a fist full of gummies.  I am not a fan of the artificial colors or the sugar content but that is for a different type of blog post.  Little Girl gets so much from outside sources that for big holidays we tend to shy away from any type of food.  Below are some non-food suggestions to fit any budget.

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Low tech! Good fun. Get your child working on gross motor control without knowing! They will learn cause and effect. This bench comes with a mallet and will provide some good clean fun! This toy is good for ages 2 and up! Solid wood brought to you by the reliable Melissa and Doug company.

String a farm! Another low tech high fun toy! It is created for children ages 3-5. It comes with 12 pieces of farm to string, a wooden needle, a cotton string and a stopper. This would be a great toy to toss in a bag to take to the Dentist or Doctor while you are waiting. String and restring! Colorful pieces that let children explore fine motor skills.

If you have been tracking wtih my blog at all you know I am a camp girl. This hits close to my heart. How much fun would it be to have this and build a pillow fort or a blanket tent? Hours of fun with either of these sets…or both! Good for ages 2 and up.

Got a little helper at home? Let them help in their own way. Life skills are taught young. Boy or girl ages 36 months to 6 years would enjoy this realistic pretend play 6 pieces set from Melissa and Doug.

STEM toys are very in! These toys focus on Science, technology engineering, and Math. STEM toys allow children hands-on experience in creating and exploring. BPA free, lead-free and non-toxic pieces grow with your child. With 101 pieces this set will be able to provide loads of creative play for ages 3-6.

Word on the street…any by street I mean my co-worker this is THE best toy. It is a marble track for ages 3 and up. Design a track…take it apart and design a different one. Explore cause and effect. Use one marble or a bunch. See what transpir