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Our life is not perfect…

It may seem as a blogger we post what we are proud of. Humorous stories. Great pictures. Life staged. Trust me my life is far from perfect. I have dishes in my sink. I have dirt on my carpet. I have dust on my television. I decided to spend the last 24 hours taking pictures of my life. No filter. Not staged. Real-life. No judgment. Truth. Here we go!

First up. This ridiculous game. It is called Balz. It is a combination of tetrus, pong, worm. It is one of the biggest time sucks but I love it. I play it a little at a time. Right now this game is about 2 weeks going. I am close to beating my highest score. I repeat it is a waste of time but I love it. Sometimes I just need to zone out and play.

Next up is the end of my day. I teach 4th grade at a Christian school. I love my job. Many people think teachers work from 8-3. Not so. This picture is time-stamped at 4:30. The students had left. I still had a pile of work to get through. I don’t get paid overtime. I don’t get a bonus check. I find that some days I can not get done what needs to be done during prep time that I need to stay later to do my job well.

The next picture is my wonderful husband. He works very hard for our family. He is in corporate America as well as a full-time student. He can be found most days finishing up his day like this. His commute is over an hour. Then tack on school. He is a busy man. Thankfully he is finished school in August. I have a lot that gets put on me while he works and schools but I know it is for a season and it is the best for our family in the long run. You will notice the messy bed. Some days life is too short to make the bed. Also, you will notice our little pup. Bella is a part of our family and can most often be found by my husband’s side.

This picture is of leftover Christmas projects. She had a star, a tree and an ornament to paint. You can see the star never made its way to be painted. Oh well. There is always next year!

No matter how many times I bring the stool into the bathroom for her to stand on she never uses it. This is how this kid brushes her teeth. EVERY NIGHT!!! I call it her gnome sitting. I guess I can fuss about how she stands to brush her teeth or I can just let gnome sit and do a good job. My sister gave me words of wisdom many years ago. Pick your battles. In the long run, this is not a life issue. At some point, she will no longer fit or be comfortable brushing her teeth this way. I’m just glad that she brushes her teeth, it doesn’t matter to me how she does it.

Unless you are living under a rock you may have heard about snowmageddon, snow bomb, snowgenesis going on. There is a severe storm making its way up the eastern seaboard. There was snow in Florida and now the storm is churning off the eastern coast. Due to the snow falling, we have a snow day. The snow is falling. Little girl has a neighbor friend over from next door. They are upstairs playing. I am writing and watching CBS Boston give live coverage all day.

When we have birthdays we tend to do it up! I hung these streamers up for Little Girl when she had her birthday. Well…her birthday was in November. I love the look of them and did not take them down. So there they hang. I suppose after my husband has his birthday in February I will eventually take them down.

Lastly, it has been so darn cold! The northeast has been under a severe cold snap. There is so much snow that will not melt. The heat is going constantly. The air is very dry! Static everywhere. My grandmother who was a die-hard New Englander told me to boil water to put moisture in the air. So that is what I have been doing all day. Believe it or not it warms the air too! Moisture in the air helps with static and to heat more effectively. I am not sure why but it helps!

So there you go. A small glimpse into the past 24 hours of my life. Now it is time to put this computer down and go and tackle the walkway before the snow gets too heavy to even move and it must move because the high for tomorrow will be -3. Yes. Negative 3 for a high!!! If I don’t move it today it may be there until spring. Stay safe and stay real!


  1. Your sister is one smart lady! Picking your battles will save you a lot of energy. Who cares how they sit or stand? They brush their teeth and don’t complain? That’s a win!

    1. beachchairtracy

      Every once in a while we will have a foot slip and need to change PJ’s or socks. All is well. A small price to pay for getting her to brush!

  2. Kidd are so stubborn, they do as they please, no matter if they are X #bloggersclubuk

  3. Zvonimir

    Kids being kids ,they don’t know any better . They will learn , eventually

  4. Pero

    You need to pick your battles with kids , they like to push boundaries to find out how far they can go

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