Weight equals ugly…

Weight equals ugly…or does it?

On a break, I needed to just scroll.  You know….scroll through the lifestyles of the rich and famous and live vicariously for just a few moments when a headline caught my eye.

In case you can’t read it it it says “Mellisa McCarthy Lost Weight (She is gorgeous now).

Gorgeous now…NOW!

What was she before?  Ugly.  Unimportant?  Non-talented?

To do full justice I clicked on the link and was taken to a slide show of celebs who have shed that weight and are now just “FANTASTIC”  “HEALTHY” “WORTHY of WORK.”

Hmmmmm?  We wonder why people…girls, teens, women…have body issues.  It is pieces of information like this that make us question who we are.

I am a strong advocate for being healthy but health does not always mean small and skinny.  You need to weigh what makes you feel good in your body.  I am also a strong advocate for dressing for your body.  I am so sorry this may offend you…but if I see your cheek meat hanging out then that outfit is not for you.  It’s not for anyone.  NO ONE needs to see that.  Your worth is not based on how much skin you show top or bottom!   However, the media is telling you, our daughters….females different.

Scrolling a bit more I see this…

It says “Kylie Jenner Models a Skimpy Plunging Biknini’s in a Series of Sexy Snaps.

REALLY!  Really!  WHY?

Another push by the media that says in order to be relevant you must show skin.

If I could say anything to girls, teens, women…it would be this,


Don’t give up your goodies, self-worth, pride in order to fit in.   We are all going to wrinkle regardless of the miracle of modern plastic surgery.   You can only hold back the fine lines clicking across your face with so many lifts.  Do you really want to be 80 wrapped so tight if you sneeze you look like a busted can of biscuits?  The normal person does not.

Throw on your walking shoes and aim to be healthy…not a size zero.

Wear an outfit that you do not need to squeeze into and be uncomfortable all day.

Keep the goodies saved for someone worthy of seeing them, no need to flaunt them like smart TV’s on sale in the Black Friday sales circular.

To bring this full circle, I LOVE Melissa McCarthy.  I think she rocks at whatever character she commits to.  I have seen her latest Thunder Force and she can rock a leather suit like no one else…regardless of her size!

YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL!   Be healthy, be happy, be YOU!

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  1. Amen. My most recent blog post actually talks about my life long struggle with accepting my body the way God made me.

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