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What to exercise in the new year…

Out with the old and in with the new or so they say!

I know exercising is a big one. You might be thinking ‘here we go again’ but no, keep reading!   But there are so many people who aren’t like this. And what do you exercise if you don’t want to hit the running machine or the rower? Below is a list of even more things you should exercise in the new year.

Exercise patience. Not everyone moves at your pace.

Exercise your ears more. Less talking, more listening!

Exercise your face by smiling! A smile is free. Share that everywhere!

Exercise compassion. In a cold hard world, we all need to put our feet in someone else’s shoes. Regardless of choices that lead to life’s hardships…life is hard enough without your judgment.

Exercise your brain! Try and learn an instrument.

Exercise restraint. This goes along with listening more and talking less. No one ever says I wish I had fought more! Some things truly are better left unsaid.

Exercise your eyes. LOOK UP FROM YOUR PHONE! There is a whole big world out there. Spend time with your kids. Enjoy living in the moment. See it with your eyes, not your iPhone! Post less and live more!

Exercise your body. Be more active, go out for walks, or just move around your house. If you have always wanted to shift those extra pounds and live a more active lifestyle, you can do that and more.

Exercise your right to be happy. Those Pinterest-perfect family pictures are not so perfect. Free yourself to be you and enjoy your family for what they are. Find joy in who you are!

Exercise generosity. You will always find someone who is worse off than you. If we all gave a little and did our part…can you imagine!

Exercise being good stewards. This world is in pretty rough shape. Recycle more. Bring your recycled bags to the grocery store. Go on…go put them in your car right now…I will wait. Use them. Carpool. Make a mug of coffee at home and skip the drive-through and their one-use cup. Pick up a piece of trash. Plant a tree. Leave your space better than you found it.

As you make your resolutions for the new year…make it a resolution to be a better human!

Happy New Year from View from the Beach Chair!


  1. Marko

    So true , Happy New Year to you to , and ofc also to all the readers of the blog .

  2. Zvonimir

    Happy New Ywear !

  3. Mary Gardner

    This is such a great list of things we need to exercise. I need the most work on exercising patience and restraint!

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