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Double-check the address…

Double-check the address…

A very good life lesson learned this morning.  Always double-check the address.  I was taking Little Girl to a playdate this morning and it turned into a drive through the countryside!

As most of us do with an address sent to us in messagnger I simply clicked on the address and it opened in google maps.  I knew how to get to the town.  Head towards 202 and 9.  Off we went!  I should have become suspicious when the maps kept sending me in odd directions.  I wound up weaving through towns I have not been through in years.

After 45 minutes I was close to my destination.  To me, it was odd as I still was not in Henniker.  The town I was looking to be in.  Although New Hampshire is like most states.  There are little nooks and cranny towns tucked in close to each other.

I figured this house was just tucked close to the next town line.  So down a long dirt road and then onto another.  I make what I thought was my final left turn to have google maps announce my destination was .2 miles on the left in WEARE!  Weare is a lovely small town in of itself but NOT the town I needed to be in.  I check the address and sure enough, it sent me to the wrong town.

Start again!

I voice to text the address with the town and waited.  It was 20 minutes away.   Ug.  So off we backtrack a bit down the dirt road.   Now we are off in a new direction.  The dirt road becomes smaller and smaller.  Houses are becoming fewer and fewer.

I am not stretching this story when I tell you the road I am on now has become what can only be described at a path at best.  It is very narrow.  Branches and greenery are hitting my mirrors.  Praying I don’t encounter another car as there would be nowhere either one of us could turn around or pull off.  I am about 30 seconds away from a full-on panic but I remind myself over and over that I’m the mom and my anxiety-ridden child is sitting in the back seat.

So thankful that my Toyota Sienna has 4 wheel drive as this road is becoming more and more tricky.  I am mentally taking stock of food I have in the van in case I need to ration it.  Half bottle of Gatorade on the floor, check.  Crackers in the bottom of the center console, check.  Gum in the glove box, check.  I keep climbing up.  Up.  UP!  I pass a sign that says Weare Animal Preservation.  Animal preservation?    Oh jeesh.  I was worried about running out of food now I need to worry about becoming food for some wild animal on this preserve!

Where am I?

When at last I think I am so lost that even Google Maps does not know where I am.  I realize I am now heading down and the path and it is turning again into a road.   A dirt road but at least wider and I am starting to see houses again.  Another turn.  Another dirt road.  Finally one of the dirt roads turns into a paved road.  I am starting to see signs of life.  Cars, houses, road signs.

After what seems like forever, I come to a sign that says 202 and 9.  I know where I am.   Our destination is about 4 miles away.  With a deep sigh of sheer relief, we made it to our destination.  Her friend was waiting on the porch.

Lesson learned!  Always double-check the address when you venture out to a new destination!

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  1. Sarah L

    Very good advice. Did you tell your daughter that you were having an adventure?

  2. Lauryn R

    Oh I have definitely done this before! It was almost better before gps when we all had maps, lol! It can definitely be an adventure, except it’s not pretty when you don’t live in the country!

  3. Christina Gould

    I can’t tell you how many times I’ve ended up taking the “scenic view” by following my Garmin’s bad directions, lol. Thanks for sharing!

  4. Kristi

    I’ve had an experience where it was not quite right and it took me quite a bit off course! Even with Google Maps we can still get lost in this modern world haha. I liked your story though 🙂

  5. Piroska

    Oh, I’ve done this before. Too many times.

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