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Dear Fellow Bloggers…

Anyone who has been blogging for a while knows traffic is the lifeblood. Comments are food that keeps the blog going and growing. We can all say we don’t care and that we write for ourselves but deep down we like to mingle and have people read our stuff. I tend to hop around other blogs. I figure I want people to read mine so I stalk others and comment. I have some wonderful linkups that I participate in. These linkups are hosted by amazing men and women who have provided a platform for other bloggers to get traffic but also visit fellow bloggers. I have never met these people but feel welcomed by them in the blogging community. But…you knew there was a but coming…but please help me help you! I have noticed on a few blogs in the past two weeks there was a ridiculous captcha to leave a comment. Not sure what a captcha is? It is the “test” to prove you are not a bot. I can answer simple math like 7+2. I can click a box to prove I am human.

What I can’t do is try to type some crazy mashed up words looking very similar to ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics to prove I am not a bot. 

Or try and decipher what looks like a storefront from a group of pictures taken 5 miles away and to have to keep clicking and clicking!

Spam is a real thing but if I have to enter and re-enter and RE-ENTER a code or word more than a few time I am clicking the X and moving on to the next one. I know spam is a real thing but help me to help you! A simple box will do!

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  1. Very good post. Honest about what fuel we bloggers need to survive.

    1. beachchairtracy

      I hear some people say they only write as an outlet. Not sure how true that is. Keep a diary then. When you put it out there you really want people to read it. Thanks for stopping by!

  2. Oh gosh, I totally agree. Some of these are just way too difficult to do when all you want is to comment a blog!


  3. Oh Boy!!! I agree!! Please let me know if my linkup requires captcha. I’d never want anyone to go through that! It’s soooo annoying!

    1. beachchairtracy

      I do give it a solid shot but after the 3rd time I am like DONE!

  4. MMT

    All so true! As someone who reads a lot of posts each week as part of #CoolMumClub, I couldn’t agree more!

    Thanks for linking 😉

  5. I tried to get rid of CAPTCHA when Google took over and found I had all the right settings, even allowing anonymous comments which opened me up to spam. It’s unavoidable if the person commenting doesn’t change the settings on their end. People who are commenting need to disable cookies and filters on their browsers and computers, at least on Blogger.
    The Google one account log in really messed things up, at least on Blogger.
    It’s also a pain when you try to visit someone back and are directed to Google+ instead of their blog, making you hunt for it among the Google Plus posts if they don’t include their blog address in their Google profile. And I can’t even count the times I’ve told people they have bad or expired links or links to inactive blogs. Hrrrumpfff.

    1. beachchairtracy

      It is easy to get into a jumble of links. All you want to do is read a post and comment….not track down Jimmy Hoffa!!!

  6. Some captchas are annoyingly ridiculous! I hope mine doesn’t do that! Please do let me know if it does!!
    And I’d would like to add that some blogs don’t state the comment you’ve just added is pending approval. And half the time you’re guessing if the comment you’ve painstakingly keyed in went through or not.


    1. beachchairtracy

      I have had that happen too. I hope it gets posted someplace!!!

  7. Ha, so very true and so very frustrating. I struggle to leave a comment on some blogs because I cannot always get the captcha correct #pocolo

  8. I don’t like all those complicated ones. I have the simple math question that have also made some people mad about but it’s simple and I like to keep it to make sure of no bots. It is a plugin that came highly recommended from another blogger who uses it. But the word one and the picture ones often mess up and keep asking me to redo it. That’s when I get frustrated. I agree with you that we should have to keep trying just to post a comment. #CoolMumClub

    1. Shouldn’t have to keep trying*. I can’t type today apparently lol!

  9. I am with you on that. The simple tick the box to show I’m not a robot is all I am willing to do these days. Just so fed up with all the other pics etc.

  10. I will try and do a captcha once and that’s it. If I get it wrong I leave without leaving the comment.
    I am not commenting on blogs to do sums or click on all the cars I can see (I hate that Google one lol)

  11. I am with you on this, especially the ones where you have to identify street signs and such and go on forever. One tick is enough.

  12. Great blog post and brilliant advice I hate those captacha things with a passion Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  13. Captcha is incredibly annoying at times and the picture one is the worst. I do understand trying to avoid spambots but that level of having to prove my humanness just puts me off reading someone’s blog too. #coolmumclub

  14. Oh man! This is one of my biggest annoyances (second only to people who have 5 million crappy little ads all over their post that I have to close just to read it!) I don’t mind the “I’m not a robot thing” but the amount of times I’ve typed a long comment and then been kicked off by the captcha code is enough to drive me insane. I have no idea why people think spam is such a big problem – just moderate your comments and delete it if it’s happening – nice to know it bugs someone else!

    1. beachchairtracy

      Oh the ADS!!! Pop ups drive me nuts!

  15. Oh i hate captcha with a passion and also pop ups that take up the whole screen and you need to click a few times to get rid of it! Even more so on mobile #pocolo

  16. haha couldn’t agree more!
    Thanks for linking #ablogginggoodtime

  17. Yes , there is nothing worse than reading a post you love and just want to tell the writer how much. Before you know it you’ve written a whole paragraph and then it’s impossible to comment!!! Don’t make me do an exam just so as I can tell you how much I love your work !!#BlogCrush

  18. your words are so true….

  19. Roman

    Amen to that . I have lousy vision and all of these hieroglyphs make me a bot since i misread them a lot

  20. Zvonimir

    The blight of internet , how can bots guess what’s written and i human can’t ?

  21. Marko

    Yeah worst thing on internet , no matter how much i zoom page , i still can’t decipher the word

  22. Pero

    Couldn’t agree more !

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