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Dodged a Bullet…

On the way to school Little Girl and I have a chance to talk. You know the kind of talk. You move the mirror so you can see and you chat. If it is a bad chat there is waving and stern looks…for example if said child was in trouble at school. If it is a happy chat both hands stay on the wheel and it is all smiles. Well, this morning it was a happy chat and then  I was hit with THE QUESTION!

How do babies come out of mom’s?

Out of the blue!  I mean there should be some warning.  I let her process her question.  She gave her opinion.  It is either magic or the doctors cut the baby out of the stomach.  Then she asks herself “well, how did Mary have baby Jesus if there was no doctor to cut him out?”   Then she gave me the look to interject.  I asked her if she REALLY wanted to know.  I was prepared to tell her how they get pushed out which I am sure would lead to how that darn thing got in there.

She looked at me and thought for a second.  Then she said.  “No.  I just want to know how my baby is going to come out when I get older.”  To which I responded…”Well, we can worry about that when you are pregnant.”  That was a good enough response because she then asked about her soccer game on Saturday.


Dodged that bullet.

I believe in answering kids questions as honest as developmentally appropriate.  At what age did you or do you plan on telling your child?

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  1. nikki

    I told yo she is to smart for her own good!!! You all are in trouble when she hits her teens!!!

  2. Oh gosh, its going to be interesting when the boys ask me this! God knows what I’d say! Thank you for sharing this with us at #TriumphantTales. I hope to see you back next week!

  3. We’ve had this come up before with my 5 year old Daughter before…. Without going into the details with her we kind of glossed over the subject and told her light heartedly they came out of Mummys “foofy”. She looked amazed by this and then carried on playing with her dolls as if she was satisfied with that answer! #TriumphantTales

  4. Haha I have had similar chats with my eldest. Fortunately her last curveball was a question randomly fired at my sister when she went there for a sleepover – “Aunty Jo, How to two Mummies have a baby without a Daddy? My friend Zack at school has two Mummies – how did they make him?” I’d left 5 minutes beforehand, so she had to field that one! xx #triumphanttales

    1. beachchairtracy

      Oh yes that is a curveball. One point to the sister!

  5. #thesatsesh Boss baby (the film) means that my son believes they come from a baby factory….buy her the dvd, save yourself a few more years of awkward conversations lol.

  6. Pero

    Santa brings them

  7. Calvin

    ha, questioning the baby machine already

  8. Marko

    Ha ha they are growing so fast

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