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Don’t lose what ‘Rona gave us…

Don’t loose what ‘Rona gave us…

Here we are the 3rd week in September and life is cranking up.  Schedules are getting packed with dentist appointments, soccer games, and playdates.  Finding time to walk the dog is getting harder.  Days are getting shorter.  The kitchen table is filled with the family planner, a computer, and a slew of paperwork from school.  I can feel it slipping away…the slow pace family had when Corona first descended upon us.

I taught remotely from my kitchen table.  The spring air blowing through the open windows.  Window’s that faced the street.  I saw so many families walking…walking together!  So many children riding their bikes.  A sense that they had all the time in the world because they did.

Now we are all back to the classroom.  I come home and rush to get dinner one.  Rush to walk the dog.  Help with homework.  Catch up with my husband about the day’s events.  We do sit at the dinner table to have meals but those are only on days when there is no soccer or working late.  Some nights we are just all bushed and order a pizza and eat around the TV watching a show.

I will be honest…I miss the slower pace.  This morning as I was rushing out the door reminding my child to grab her soccer bag I looked around and decided I was not going to let my schedule dictate my life.  I am going to dictate my schedule and make time for important things in my life.  I would encourage you all as well to hang onto the blessings of a slower pace!  Enjoy the moment you are in as it passes oh so quickly!


  1. Yes! Let’s not go rushing back into pre coronavirus hurry!

  2. As difficult as this pandemic is (and it is far from being over), I believe there are many lessons we could learn from it and that I hope we don’t forget, like this one you have described so vividly. I hope we remember how precious health and life are, how important it is to care about and for each other, and how people all over the world have more in common than not. Thank you, I enjoyed this piece.

  3. A great thought and invitation. I too appreciated the slow pace. Thanks for sharing. Visiting today from the Traffic Jam Weekend link up. Have a great weekend!

  4. megan allen

    So true! I have been soaking up every precious moment with my family! So many people complain about quarantine but family time is so important!

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