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Easter came and went…

Easter came and went…

Is Covid over yet?  It seems life has paused.  Just yesterday it was Valentine’s Day and now here we are at Easter!  EASTER!  Easter came with very little fanfare.  No fields packed with eggs to find.  No Son-rise Church service.  Be wary of visiting family that is not in your direct social group we were warned.   Although a warm Sunday it was spent with family very low key.

I decided I was not going to let today pass without celebrating Easter.  The grave was empty, there is much to be thankful for.  My now pre-tween is just about over the whole egg hunt thing but I am not ready to give up the basket of goodies.  Instead, I made it about my family.  I had been shopping weeks ago and had stashed under my bed all the goodies needed for today.

I got up and made homemade muffins, sliced up some watermelon, put out some fruit, and unwrapped the Easter-themed napkins and plates.   I put together the Easter basket for Little Girl and the Easter bag for Husband.

Easter may not have the fanfare it has had in the past but this morning I was able to bless my two with a new tradition! 

Regardless of what you did for Easter, I hope it was peaceful and a promise of spring to come!

Happy Easter!


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