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The day I flew the nest…

The day I flew the nest…

A new job

I can distinctly remember the day I flew the nest.  I said goodbye to childhood.  The day I left home and embraced grown-up life.  When I graduated college I had a job offer at Children’s Hospital in Boston as a Child Life Therapist.  I was beyond thrilled.  This was too far for me to commute from home so through friends I found a room to rent just outside of Boston.

The Saturday before I was to start my new adventure my mom and I packed up my small car and drove south.  The plan was for my mom to help me get settled in, take the commuter rail to Boston for a dry run so I know how and where to go and then she would take the bus back to New Hampshire while I would take the train back to my car to drive to my new place.  That is exactly what we did.  I found my trains.  I was able to get to Children’s with no problem.  It was a great day.

The goodbye

Then the goodbye.  She and I were standing on the platform at South Station.  A mom and a daughter.  I have been away at college for years.  In the summer I was at camp so it is not like I was under her roof for any long periods of time nor was this the first goodbye, but there was something about this goodbye.   Something different.  Something final.  Perhaps a goodbye to childhood?

I remember hugging my mom.  Longer than usual.  Tighter.  For a split second, I thought to myself forget it.  I will get on the bus with her and head back home.  This was too much of an adventure.  Home to someplace safe.  Home to family and friends who will be there so there would be no chance for me to fail.  The eternal struggle was real.  However, I am my mother’s daughter.  I pulled myself together and somehow got a goodbye past the lump in my throat.  I got on the commuter rail to go to my new place.  Watching my mom on the platform I waved until I could not see her anymore.  Then in true fashion, I cried the rest of the way to my stop!

As I look back to that moment I realize that was a goodbye to my childhood.  I was entering the grown-up world and starting on a new journey.  However, I was not alone.  I had a slew of family members behind me that would be (and still are) there for me if I failed.  In hindsight, it was a great opportunity for me.  I loved the job.  I learned a great deal.  Change is never easy, even when it is for the greater good.

When the day comes for my husband and me to send Little Girl off into the world, however that may look like I am sure I will still cry the whole way back home.



  1. Zvonimir

    Since i am still in collage , that “goodbye ” is still in front of me , but i can feel it as it creeps closer and closer

  2. Marko

    Oh yes , i remember those butterfly’s in my stomach all to well

  3. Pero

    Amazing how time flies , simply amazing . Just yesterday i was in school and today school kids when they talk to me address me as Mr. I am no Mr . that’s for old people , i am not … old , damn am i that old , How years fly

  4. Petar

    Nice story , i think we all felt like that first day of our “grown up ” life

  5. Jovan

    Interestinf , never felt like that . couldn’t wait to start my first job

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