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Got a wall…

The pressure is real.  To make fun summer memories without breaking the bank.  This weekend we had planned on a fun outing of a drive-in movie…yes they still have those where I live.   Husband and I made plans to surprise Little Girl.  Even the best-laid plans…!  They had changed up the movies for Friday so the movie we were going to see was no longer an option.  After humming and hawing, we came up with an idea.  Have a drive-in at home!

We set up the outdoor projector and plugged in the Amazon Fire Stick and projected a movie.  We ordered take out which was delivered to our backyard.   I had purchased snacks for the drive-in so we simply enjoyed them at home!  All snuggled in our blankets in our own back yard creating a fun summer memory!

All you need is a blank wall!

Now that we know the set up we plan on doing this more and more.  Can you see being all bundled up in blankets watching Christmas movies outside with snow falling….!  Mom for the win!

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