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Heat Wave 2019

When the heat index is 108 and you are staying in a 100-year-old boarding house you come well equipped!  Swimming!  Fans!  Your friends AC camper!

Yes, that is four fans you are counting!  This even would not cut it!  We had to go swimming!

Just when you think you will burst into flames the camp nurse says she is going home for the week and you can sleep in her camper with cranking AC!  YES!!!

Stay cool out there!!!



  1. Pero

    Oh yes , this summer is hitting hard . Temps are way high , with not a breeze of fresh air . Totally unbearable

  2. Hilary Hadden

    Good description of camp Tracy!!! Here is the info for our mission: Cristo we need packets of clean not sterile 2 x 2 and 4 x 4 gauze pads. They come in 10 inch packets. We need bandage tape- the kind the doesn’t hurt to pull off. Cloth bandaids are good too. The address is:
    Cristo Salva
    c/o Pastor Ray Marco
    Oak Grove Church
    11211 SW 102 Avenue
    Miami, Florida 33176

    I hope this does not overwhelm you.

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