1. Piroska

    It is absolutely gorgeous! One of these days, I’d love to go there.

  2. Lauryn R

    I can only imagine (and look at pictures), I have never been! I have always wanted to visit though, especially in the Fall! The leaves are so beautiful, thank you so much for sharing!

  3. Fabulous photos, Tracy! I would love to visit New England some day.

  4. Sarah L

    It is breathtaking. Haven’t been there in many years.

  5. Beth McC -- Midwest Redhead

    Those New England colors are wonderful, but the Hocking Hills in my native Ohio offer a wide range of colors and vistas, without requiring a trip to New England.

    1. beachchairtracy

      Sounds amazing! I have been to Ohio but never in the fall. Thanks for sharing!

  6. Cindi Knowles

    Such gorgeous pictures. I briefly lived in Connecticut in the late 80s during the winter and it was all snow.

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