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Prescription Hack…

Prescription Hack

In true form, Little Girl had a bit of a bumpy vacation.  We wound up in the ER and after a quick hospital transfer via ambulance, she spent the night.  This is a reoccurring issue with her.  We were sent home with a prescription for an antibiotic.  I have developed a method for keeping track of medicine prescribed to her.

My husband does the morning shift where he gets Little Girl her breakfast and packs her school bag.  I usually do the evenings with shower and stories.  I found us going back and forth on did you give her meds?  Here is a simple hack,  WRITE ON THE BOTTLE!  All it takes is a sharpie and you are good to go.

I put on top of the bottle when the script started.  A lot of kids antibiotics are mixed at pick up and do have a shelf life.  For example, Keflex expires 14 days after mixing  Putting the date lets you know when you need to toss it.

I then make a chart of the number of days and the amount per day.  For this round, she is taking the medicine in the morning and at night.  She is taking it for 9 days.  When either one of us gives it to her we simply make a check mark.

This is an easy way to keep track of dosage for children.  Antibiotics are only good if taken as prescribed.   Do you have another simple way of keeping track?  Tell me below!




  1. Petar

    That is a great way to keep track of medicine , but most of us is to “lazy” to do that , we will remember , how hard can it be to track and then next day we forget did we took or not

  2. Jovan

    You have really cool system set up

  3. Marko

    Nice way of keeping track , can be used for adults as well

  4. Zvonimir

    Personally don’t have any tracking system , yours sounds good

  5. Pero

    That’s some nice tracking system

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