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Remote learning.  Covid.  Zoom. We are all so over these words.  The constant drone on television of numbers, mutant strains, front line workers being pushed to the brink!  Just when you think it can’t get any worse here comes the announcement “thanks to remote learning we no longer need to have snow days.”  WHAT!

We have already robbed children of so much.  We are pushing them through childhood like water coming out of a fire hose!  Why?  Where do they have to go?  Childhood should not be a marathon but a journey filled with awe and wonder.  Part of that awe is the excitement of seeing your school’s name scroll along the bottom of the TV stating school is canceled.

Some of my fondest memories from childhood are sitting with my brother and sister watching our ONLY television, watching one of only 3 channels, waiting….waiting for our school’s name to show up.  Normally we would have to be dragged out of bed with a fire lit under us to make it to school on time.  Not snow days.  We were up.  We were ready to play in it.  We were excited!

Can we bring back that excitement?  Can we give kids a snow day instead of yet another day to sit in front of a screen being pushed into a learning model that is not ideal for everyone?  Give them a day of awe and wonder….and cold noses and wet feet!



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