Snow Day Basket…

I know it is a hard thing to think about.  Snow.  SNOW!  SNOW!!!  It is October and the truth is snow days are just around the corner…depending on where you live!  There is nothing more magical than the first real snowfall…resulting in a snow day!  Why not surprise your children with a snow day basket!  Below are some ideas for that basket.

First, you will need a sled.  Unless you are super mom finding the sled buried in the basement on short notice can cause undue stress.  Start out the season with a fresh sled to hit those snow banks!

Next, you will need some fresh new mittens!  Don’t let cold hands ruin a perfectly good snow day.

Don’t forget to make a snow friend!  This neat little kit has everything you need!

Why not let them create on that blank canvas!  Tic-tac-toe or a painted masterpiece.  Loads of fun right here!

What is a snow day without building a snow fort?

After their noses are cold and their bodies are worn out strip off the outerwear and snuggle up with a nice cup of hot chocolate!

Wind down the day with some low key movie watching with popcorn.

I know not every snow day can be full of surprises but make the first one magical.  All it takes is a little planning!


  1. Pero

    No snow here and it is November

  2. Rosie

    I love the first snowfall, it is magical. This sounds so fun!

  3. Zvonimir

    Man , you just remember me that i don’t know where my sled are, oh da*n , need to find them ASAP

  4. Zoey

    I love this idea! Always good to be prepared!

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