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What scares a teacher…

As a teacher for many years there are certain things that strike fear into my heart…below is a short list

1.  When you get the email from a parent that says lice in the subject line
2.  Dealing with hot lunch money.
3.  When a parent says the child was not feeling well this morning but I sent them anyway…
4.  The PTO sends out the fundraising packs.
5.  You see rain for the next 5 days and know it is an indoor recess.
6.  Your special has been canceled.
7.  When your child wakes up sick and you need to stay home but still need to pull together lesson plans.
8.  Food allergies
9.  Field trips
10. It looks like snow so prepare a snow bag to send home.
11. It is a kids birthday and they bring in a cake that needs to be cut up and served and cleaned up.
12. When your admin wants to meet with you on a Friday afternoon.
13. You come in on Monday and find the tuna sandwich in the trash from Friday.
14. You send a child home with conjunctivitis.
15. You get the email over the summer that says you need to move classrooms ASAP!
16. A parent sends you a note that their child is going to be out for 2 weeks starting tomorrow and they want all their work.
17. Standardized testing.
18. Getting a new student in March.
19. The barfs.
20. Glitter and glue.What makes us smile…..SNOW DAYS!
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  1. Fun post! From a teacher to a teacher, the lice one made me laugh! #anythinggoes

  2. Ooh I taught for a couple of years and sick kids always struck fear in my heart. #keepingitreal

  3. I can totally see why these would strike fear into a teacher’s heart. Half of them strike fear into a mother’s heart.

  4. Brilliant, many of those things strike fear in me too, just as a parent, especially the email from the school with lice in the title!! #TwinklyTuesday

  5. I was just talking to my husband recently about rainy play times when I was little and what a nightmare they must have been for teachers #twinklytuesday

  6. As a former early years practitioner, I can relate to this post #keepi gitreal@_karendennis

  7. Hello Tracy,

    Thank you for sharing! I really need to know this as a parent. All this time I thought teachers love field trips – which also strikes fear into my heart.


  8. Brilliant! We always say about what strikes fear into us as parents and forget about the teachers! Thanks for linking up #twinklytuesday

  9. Hi Tracy, this did make me smile. I imagine as a teacher you see and hear it all. I take my hat off to anyone who chooses to teach as a profession, it takes a very special person… Why, oh, why do people send their children to school when they are sick? And I’ve seen enough teachers faces on school trips to know that they aren’ their favourite days.

    Thank you for linking up with #keepingitreal


    1. beachchairtracy

      What is funny when some parents come their kids act worse. I would rather go alone. I can handle the kids.

  10. I taught grown-ups, so side stepped a lot of these, but I think snow days are universally enjoyed. #MMBC

    1. beachchairtracy

      I am ready for them now!

  11. Marko

    So many things , for such a low pay

  12. Zvonimir

    This made me smile , never thought about that side of teachers job.

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