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I have a strange vortex in my house. There are 3 things that disappear into thin air. I mean VANISH. The first is no surprise to anyone. It has eluded the human race for many many years. That would be the socks dilemma. I buy them as a set. Perhaps a bag of 6, or 4 or even a single set. I get them home. Wear them. When I and my family leave the house it is a general rule to return with the same number of socks on your feet that you left with. So that’s not the problem. Somehow in the cycle of laundry one sock disappears. It has to be in the laundry cycle. Where it goes I have no idea!
The second is the food container lid. It could be Tupperware, Rubbermaid or Pyrex…it does not matter! Somehow the covers seem to disappear. Why? Where? Is must be the same vortex that the socks retreat to. I buy them as a set and yet the covers always disappear. Always the covers?
The third and last thing that disappears are things I print. I follow the on-screen prompt and hit the print button. The computer tells me my job is complete and I run to the printer expecting to collect my papers and there is nothing there. Go back and check. Yes…in fact the computer did print them. Feeling rather silly I have no idea where they went. They are not on my printer. Is there a random computer in Tibet that is spitting out my coupons? I just don’t get it!
I am stuck. How else am I going to print off my coupons to save money to buy more socks and food storage containers?

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