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Wash those masks…

Wash those masks…

Regardless of where you stand on the mask debate something needs to be done!  I walked past one of my student’s desks and he had his mask face up.  The inside of his mask looked like he had eaten out of it.  There was so much grub and nastiness there.  At the end of the day, I took a hard look at mine.  Was not happy with what I saw!

If you are like me you probably have a stack of masks pretty deep.  I have them in my van, in my classroom, at home.  I try to recycle through them but again…if you are like me…you have your fav that is your go-to.  The go-to gets a lot of mileage!

Simple Rules for Masks

Masks are like underwear…

If it is wet, change it.

If it is uncomfortable, change it.

If it is dirty, change it.

If it smells, change it.

If it has been on longer than a day, change it.

Cleaning Masks

You can launder them but I don’t run my washer every day.  Plus they are like socks….once they go in they don’t always come out.  They are small enough to get lost in a pant leg and then from there who knows…!

What I do is put them in the dishwasher.   Dishes are cleaned at a very high temperature, guaranteed to kill any germ on them.  When they come out of the dishwasher I rinse them under hot water just to be sure there is nothing left from the rinse cycle.  I give it a good squeeze, reshape it then hang them to dry off one of my kitchen cabinet knobs.  They are dry and clean ready for the next day!

So the next time you go to put your mask on your face…YOUR FACE…take a look and make sure it is clean and worthy of being that close to your skin!

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  1. Oh yes definitely. I wash mine and actually purchased a mesh lingerie bag to toss into my washing machine. My son washes his in the shower and throws it into the dryer for a few minutes afterwards.

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