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Pick the battles…

Momming is hard.  I need to learn to pick my battles.

This morning did not go as planned.  It is picture day at school.  Little Girl asked me to curl her hair.  I love to play with her hair so it was no problem.  I got up extra early to get myself ready for my teacher picture.  I knock on Little Girls door seeing if she is ready and excited to see the cute outfit she picked out.  I open the door and am greeted with a girl wearing a school shirt and a chamo sweatshirt.  Not the outfit I want forever captured in pictures.  Seeing my face, she immediately went on the defensive using the low blows of “what this is not good enough”…”I don’t look pretty.”  I bit my tongue.  Needless to say, we had a bit of a thrown down and she is wearing a cute top and I am carrying her clothes to change into.

As if this morning was not bad enough I forgot to feed her breakfast!!  What kind of mom does this!!  So we swing through Mc Donald’s for some hotcakes.  She sits down in my classroom to eat them while I get ready for my day of teaching.  I look over and she is eating syrup ladened pancakes with her fingers.  HER FINGERS!!!  She used the fork to pick them up and then ate them like she was raised by wolves!  A feral child who has run wild.  Tween girl flexing her muscles in any way she can.   My first response was to ask her if she in fact was raised by wolves….but then the mean mom heart melted a bit and realized I had dogged on her enough for one day (it was only 7:30 am).  I will pick another day so slay the wolf child!

So mom’s and dad’s pick your battles.  For me having a cute picture hanging on our wall was more important than my child eating like a feral animal.  Parenting is hard.  Parenting at any age is hard.  I think I may need extra patience as I parent a tween!

Best of luck out there…don’t forget to use a fork!

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