Wedding Wednesday #4…Wedding gifts…

Wedding Wednesday…Wedding Gifts

We have all been to weddings. We go to the registry and pick out the perfect gift. Or we select a gift card we know the bride and groom would enjoy. Where did the idea of gift giving originate?


The first recorded dowry was in 3,000 B.C. Wedding gifts originated from the notion of a bride price or dowry that was paid to the family of the bride. It usually included animals, land, and money.

Many years later during the Renaissance began the idea of ornate marriage chests. This chest would hold all the bride’s future goods which she would take to her groom’s house. This is very similar to the hope chest which many unmarried women used to collect linens and things needed to start out in married life.

A few years later the idea evolved from a chest to a leather key basket for the American bride. This was seen in the South as the new wife took her status as the mistress of the house. This basket would be filled with keys to unlock doors, chests, and cupboards in the new home.

Along comes Macy

In 1924 Macy’s became the first store to offer a gift registry. This was a game-changer. Other stores saw the success and were quick to jump on board. In the earlier days of gift registries, crystal, silver, and China were very common things to gifts.

Tradition meets modern

Fast forward to now. Wedding gifts come in all sorts of ways. When I registered I remember thinking how awkward it felt to ask for gifts. However, when the gifts started showing up I was amazed at the excitement I felt with each new package. I received many gifts from my registry but also a good number of gifts that came from the heart. People who thought outside the box to bless my husband and I as we started on our new life together.

Gifts of Cash

In the day and age where many couples live together first the gift of cash is often appreciated. This cash can be used towards a honeymoon, house repairs or just to have some cash in the pocket. One tip when giving a check. Make the check out to just the groom. It often takes a few days for the bride to get her name legally changed. This solves the issue of depositing it if the bride and groom have separate checking accounts.

Amazon Registries

Shameless plug here…Amazon has a wide variety of items to put on a register! If you are getting married make registering easy and use Amazon!

Regardless of the gift…

If you buy a gift off the registry or give the bride and groom cash the best gift you can give is to show up and support. Put your phones away. Most weddings have a professional photographer to take pictures. It is ok to take a few shots but don’t be so consumed with taking the perfect shot on your smartphone that you miss it in 3D! Put your phone down and enjoy the moment as they take their first steps to live happily ever after! If you are looking for the perfect gift for the happy couple, you could always go off the register.


  1. Pero

    Personally i prefer to gift cash . I see that as a more useful gift .It can be much better used by newly weds then a gift , because nobody knows what future brings , and what expenses it carries with it . yeah i know i know , physical gift carries sentimental value to date of wedding buuut money is so much ore useful

  2. Marko

    Usually in my country there is gift + gift of cash at the party after the ceremony

  3. Rosie

    I remember some of my friends having a hope chest! Brings back memories. I try to figure for each wedding what is the most appropriate. I love these posts about the history of customs!!!

  4. Great article about wedding gifts.

  5. Jovan

    Cool info , thanks for sharing

  6. Petar

    Great history lessons , i wasn’t aware of that

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