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Vacation….day one…

Vacation.  Day one.  

Captain’s log day one…

Small human woke up with fever.  Child has made a nest in the captains bed.  Displaying flu symptoms warned about on last day of school.  Small human friends are great carriers of flu.  Small human shouting out demands from said nest.

Adult male also showing signs of sickness.  He has retreated to his man cave to agonize a slow death alone with fur baby.  I shall drop of nourishment at his door throughout the day.

Fur baby has retreated with Adult Male to offer emotional fur support of his last few days on earth.

Me, as the captain…I have retreated to the living room.  I shall bing watch Four Weddings until being summoned by small human or adult male.  It is too late for us.  Save yourself.  Do not attempt to enter the ship.  All is lost.

On our journey, this week is a trip to Great Wolf Lodge.  Captian is praying that all will be well on the ship so we may embark on this journey.

Glad I got my flu shot.

Flu symptoms and treatment!


  1. Wendy Houghton

    Wash wash wash your hands

  2. Pero

    Oh yeah, flu , nasty thing . People don’t care enough to get flu shot , and then , trouble . This year is nasty , from the news i know that already there is more then 10 deaths this year from flu . Almost every day in news new death from flu . Nasty

  3. Rosie

    I’m getting a chuckle, as it is true, often when a guy gets a cold or a bug, etc. and it is like their last day on earth! Hope you stay well, and the others get better asap. What a vacay for you! I’m glad I got my flu shot.

  4. Sounds like a great vacation.

  5. sounds like a great vacation, have fun.

  6. I hate to burst anyone’s bubble, but even if you got a flu shot you can still get the flu. But let’s hope you don’t. But you sure make it sound like fun! 😀 Hope they get well soon. Thank you for hosting #TrafficJamWeekend (and for featuring my Sheet Pan Chicken Parmesan).

  7. Marko

    Ouch nasty start of vacation , it can only get better from now on

  8. Zvonimir

    Yeah flue shots work only if it’s right strand that you get vaccination against

  9. Petar

    Bummer , nasty to start vacation like that

  10. Jovan

    It really sucks to start vacation with a flue

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