1. Kaushik

    I would rather take the option of flying because my dream destinations are not reachable via a drive. The aerial view would be stunning to experience.

  2. I would rather fly to the destination.

  3. Calvin

    Would rather fly, it’s faster

  4. Emeryl

    I’d rather be lazy and fly.

  5. Georgina Prince was davies

    i would definitely much rather fly if it’s a good distance to go xx

  6. Leila Benhamida

    Depends but Love the Drive and exploring beautiful view.

  7. Stephanie

    I would rather drive, flying is such a hassle.

  8. Patrick Siu

    i would rather fly

  9. Kelly Simpson

    I would rather drive to a destination.

  10. I’d rather fly! It’s faster and hassle-free most of the time.

  11. drive..i want to explore the neighboring town first 🙂

  12. We prefer to drive when we can.

  13. Allan M

    It’s all about the journey…. That being said, if the journey is 10 hours through a desert with nothing to look at, maybe fly.

  14. Juanita May

    I prefer to drive. In fact, just got back from a road trip to Florida!

  15. Cassandra D

    I would rather fly to my destination.

  16. nichole mck

    depends on how far it is…under 10 hours then I like to drive so we can have more adventures on the way…anything more than that I’m flying

  17. Jenny Ham

    I would rather fly get there quick

  18. Amber Hensley

    I would much rather fly..Get there quicker 🙂

  19. Jen Freese

    I do love road trips but if its a distance away then I`d rather fly!

  20. Trisha Musgrave

    I would much rather fly!

  21. Leigh Nichols

    I would rather drive and experience the journey

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