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Mummy in a Tutu



  1. Kaushik

    That was a funny question indeed. I would have a foot long eye leash. A basketball would make me look like a giant!

    1. beachchairtracy

      Ha ha ha!!! I figure it was a good way to know if someone actually read the question! Good luck!!

  2. Hariharan

    I would have a earlobe the size of a basketball to hear what everyone speaks about me behind my back! LOL!

  3. Ida

    Eyelash. I don’t do well with things near my neck.

  4. Nicole

    Hahahahaha!!!! I guess I would choose the eyelash!

  5. valerie theberge

    I prefer a foot long eyelash. It will cost me a lot of mascara 🙂

  6. Will G

    I would have to say the earlobe. The eyelash would get in the way.

  7. Rachel

    I would pick the foot long eye lash that I can’t cut.

  8. Dan Dykstra

    LOL! I’ll go with the basketball size earlobe.

  9. Brent Strassburg

    I would go with the earlobe the size of the basketball, it would be too difficult to wear glasses with the eyelashes.

  10. Thanks for joining #LuckyLinky x

  11. Natalie

    I would pick the foot long eyelash, but both sound unpleasant!

  12. Cheryl Chervitz

    I’d have to say the eyelash, I can’t imagine the weight of the basketball earlobe!

  13. Margaret GALLAGHER

    Eyelash anyday!

  14. Solange

    I would have to say the earlobe.

  15. Tracy DeLoach

    Haha, that’s the funniest question I’ve ever heard! I guess I’d have to go with the eylash and pull it back with a headband. If I did go with the basketball lobe, I’d have to have some long hair to hide it. hee-hee. Thanks so much for you generous giveaway. 🙂

  16. Tosha H

    I’d rather have neither lol, but if I had to pick it’d be the ear lobe, foot long lashes with glasses=nope

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