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Could you answer this…

Could you answer this?

Would you rather…

My family and I were having dinner at a local eatery.  We tend to play quiet table games while waiting for our dinner.  Games like I Spy and Would You Rather.  We were mid-round of Would You Rather when Little Girl posed a question to me that I could not answer.  It came out of the blue.  She asked, “Would you rather not be a wife or not be a mother?”  She was sitting next to my husband…both across from me.  I looked at their faces and realized this was a question I could not answer.  I could not image my life without either of them in it.  Even on the hardest days, I would not trade my role as a wife or mother for anything!  I told Little Girl she wins at the game because she found a question that I could not answer!

How would you respond?

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  1. Demian

    It’s a easy question for me , since i am a guy 🙂

  2. Great response. I too would never choose not to have either of those roles in my life.

  3. Hello Tracy,

    That’s definitely a question I cannot answer at all! Your daughter’s question is the hardest and she’s definitely the winner.


  4. I wouldn’t be able to asnwer that either!

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  6. Clever one! I have to be honest and say my answer is wife. Neither option is thrilling but i have to be honest about the role I’d rather live without. I am divorced so that may invalidate my answer 😊

    1. beachchairtracy

      Ha ha. Very wise! Very wise.

  7. Zvonimir

    Logical fallacy , damned if you do damned if you don’t . No good answer for that kind of a question

  8. Pero

    Really tricky question , little girl is growing up

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