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Gymnastic moms…

Gymnastics class. A place for moms and a few dads to sit in absolute quiet (except for the loud talker) and watch our children bend, flip and flop through a large window pane. It is an hour and a half each week where I can sit with my own thoughts (again except for the loud talker) and exhale.   While sitting here I have found several types of people in this room.   There is no judgement…ok, maybe a little towards the loud talker…there is a little judgment as I see moms and dads being moms and dads. Here they are in no particular order.

The Loud Talker. This is just what it sounds. This woman is amped up and eager to talk…to anybody….loudly.   I know more about her life than I do my best friend. There are times she will make people jump when she starts conversing.   She has two volumes. Loud and yelling.  Along with the loud talker is the loud talker’s son.  He too has two volumes.  Loud and YELLING!  They are right next to each other, in theory, but they speak as if they are miles away.   

The Make Better choices Mom. This poor woman has her kids with her. Her children run all over the place. They climb, bump, jump and jostle the other people in the room. All this poor mom can do is say “make better choices.”  Kid climbing under chairs…make a better choice. The kid throwing a fit because he can’t stuff his sock in his sister’s mouth… make a better choice.  Same kid beating the window pane…make a better choice. Clearly, this child is incapable of making a better choice. Please step in before I start shooting spitballs back at him! 

The business Mom. She is dressed to the nines. She has on a smart looking blazer and matching skirt. Three-inch heels. Full face of makeup and a computer on her lap.   She is making good use of this time.  I watch her as she toggles back and forth from tab to tab.  Her fingers work as if independent from her body.  Yet one thing about this mom…whenever her daughter comes to the window she somehow senses and looks up.  She smiles and waves.  Blows kisses.  As soon as her daughter leaves she is back to work.  Well done mom.  Well done.    

The I Could Have Been an Olympic Gymnast Mom. This Mom knows everything about gymnastics. She is critiquing every child like she will get an Olympic medal for it.  “Oh, she should straighten her legs.”  “Her arm is bent.”  “She should lose five pounds to be a gymnast.”  “The coach should do it the way I taught her.”  The list goes on.  Olympic mom needs to become the dump and run mom.  

The Dump and Run Mom. This Mom is just as it sounds. Target is calling. She has an hour and a half to run the isles of Target. Truth be told this will be me in a few weeks. Christmas is coming. I can get some shopping done without a sidekick that wants EVERYTHING she lays her eyes on.  Can I get an amen!  

The Gamer Mom. She has no idea where she is. She does not look up from her phone. She is playing several games at once. It makes me dizzy to try and follow.  

The Homeschool Mom.  She has her bag of homeschool material and is planning her weeks to come.  Her daughter is reading War and Peace quietly next to her.  She has textbooks, portfolios and a jam-packed academic list.  This mom makes motherhood look easy.  Bravo, mom!   

The Involved in Everything Mom.  This poor mom runs from activity to activity with her children.  Food is consumed in the car, served through a window.  In her quest to provide her children with well-rounded activities she is forgetting one of the most important activities for childhood.  Play!  Simple play.  Outside, unstructured play.   Ok…this one I sound a little judgey here too, but Mom give yourself and your kids a break. Downtime is ok.    

The Dad.  This is a handful of men who have drawn the short straw and have to sit in a room full of women watching a room full of girls, flip, flop, and tumble.  It is a far cry from the Hardware Store but good job dad for stepping up.  Your daughter will remember the countless hours she saw your face through that window.  Today you are driving her to gymnastics…before you know it you will be driving her to her wedding!

So there you have it.  Gymnastics moms 101.  It takes all kinds in this world.  Whichever one you choose to be…be you doing it.  Well except the loud talker.  Don’t be her!



  1. Ha, this made me chuckle!! Every club has one of these mums!! #triumphanttales x

  2. You have such vivid details that I can see the parents

  3. I bet you get these kind of parents at most groups! My son hasn’t joined any activities yet so I’m safe for a bit. #TwinklyTuesday

  4. Jo

    Gosh this is hilarious! I think I can see a little bit of all of those mums in me. Except the loud talker obviously! #Twinkly Tuesday.

  5. LOL! It certainly takes all kinds in this world. I think the Olympic gymnast mom would annoy me more than the loud talker!


  6. Can identify with a lot of this … it takes all types to make a world, or a gymnastics viewing group, and they are all in it. Nice writing #BloggerClubUK

  7. this made me giggle. as a child i was a dancer and this was like some of my dance friends mums

  8. Haha good observations, I recognise similar parents at school gate X #coolmumclub

    1. beachchairtracy

      I am sure these parents can be found everywhere!

  9. MMT

    Oh no, I was at gymnastics today and I hate to say it, but I think I am her. What can I say, it’s one of my few midweek socials?!?
    This too shall pass right?!
    Thanks for sharing with #CoolMumClub

    1. beachchairtracy

      You can’t be as bad as this lady!

  10. Such vivid descriptions, I’m sure there are plenty of mums out there just like these.

  11. And this is why I keep avoiding gymnastics with my daughter…

    1. beachchairtracy

      Ha ha ha! I stick it out because she likes it. Come sit by me!

  12. Oh this made me laugh. I AM one of the few dads who does the gymnastics class. I hesitate to call myself as stay at home dad these days, more of a work from home dad now both my kids are at school as I now run my own small blogging business during school hours. Nonetheless, it’s me that does and has done all manner of after school activities and that includes two hours of gymnastics a week with both kids and a further hour with my oldest kid at the weekend because she is more advanced. I will merely say this. I have been going to the same group for ages and only now are the mums (sorry, I am in the uk for us it’s a U not an O) beginning to talk to me. One thing though, I haven’t drawn the short straw. I have come to appreciate good gymnastics when I see it and the other thing I’ve learned, while good gymnastics might look easy and graceful, I’ve learned that it is for the physically and mentally strong. Headed over from #BlogCrush

    1. beachchairtracy

      I love your attitude of enjoying the after school activities run. To hear some dads (and mom’s) it is such a burden to bring their kids. I figure it is a healthy activity that keeps them fit. It is time together in the car. She loves being watched. A win-win I say! Best of luck to your girls and your WORK at home dad job!

  13. Haha, my little girl goes to a gymnastics class and I recognise all of these people, particularly the loud talker. The loud talker in our group will talk to anyone and for the whole class, so I’ve always got to pick my seat carefully! #dreamteam

  14. Haha. Substitute the word ‘dad’ in there an I’m most of these depending on the day 🤣

  15. I think the same can be said for every place that has children congregating! Thanks for sharing with #TriumphantTales, do come back next week!

  16. What is a gym? Never been to one (ha!,)#,satsesh@_karendennis

  17. Haha yes I have done exactly this spot on loved this post Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  18. Yep, definitely recognise a few of these, I think every group/school playground has them! Thanks for linking up #twinklytuesday

  19. Hi Tracy, it certainly takes all sorts to make a world. I pat the working/ multi tasking Mum on the back!

    Thank you for linking up with #keepingitreal.


  20. Hehe I think that all these parents want to do well by their little ones right? #keepingitreal

  21. #thesatsesh on Saturday mornings I become ‘judo mum’ this alter ego sits along side daddy (who actually understands whats happening on the mat) and I write my blogs for the week ahead, sometimes i mark exam papers for work, i once bought my nail varnish…I guess I’m also ‘Mummy doesn’t belong here – but does it for the smile on her boys face’.
    loved this post x

  22. Hehe! This really made me giggle. I think I’d be the working mum – without the amazing senses to look up at the right times though. Being a gymnastics mum sounds hard work. I’m so glad being a swimming mum seems to be a lot easier (at the moment). Thanks for joining us for the #dreamteam x

  23. Though we don’t do gymnastics I certainly identify with these parents , and am probably different ones myself on any given day ! #blogcrush

  24. Pero

    Very well written and really fun article ,bravo

  25. Marko

    Yeah , you can find these types at every event

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