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Experience Gifts

Experience Gifts

If your child is like mine they have a room full of toys. The last thing they need is more stuff! That’s why we need to think about gifts which can bring practicality or memories for some examples. Perhaps even something that can be customized or personalized and can last forever. Kids love something new and different, perhaps some cool design ideas might do the trick! There are lots of ideas online if you look! Anyway, here are some creative ideas to give experience gifts instead of toys.

Surfing Lessons

I live in New England and the surfing window is pretty tight. However, with some creative searching, I found a place that offers indoor surfing. Sky Venture has the largest Indoor Surfing facility in North America. SurfStream is the world’s first standing wave machine offering up to seven different wave types for all skill levels to enjoy. Riders use real surfboards with fins on a thick cushion of water that creates an endless wave.

Paint your own…


Your Fired is a paint-your-own pottery place with 4 locations in New Hampshire. How it works is

  1. Choose your piece..they have everything from plates to novelty creatures.
  2. Choose your paints.
  3. Draw your design or just start painting.
  4. Paint, laugh, talk, paint.
  5. Leave the piece (and the mess) with us.
  6. We’ll fire it in our kilns, creating a smooth, glossy, food-safe surface.
  7. Come back in 7 days and pick up your amazing work of art.

Spending time together creating memories as well as a keepsake to bring home at the end.


Painting places are popping up all over. In North Andover Mass is Painting with a Twist. EVERYONE can do this from age 7 to 107! “Our artists are all about fun art and can teach anyone. Come and get that “I can’t believe I just painted this” feeling. Discover your inner artist in a relaxed, stress-free and fun studio.” They provide the paints, canvas, and instructors. All you do is show up with snacks and friends. Painting with a Twist is a nationwide chain.

Indoor Waterpark

New England is lucky to have several indoor waterparks. I have been to Coco Key in Danvers Mass and Great Wolf Lodge in Fitchburg Mass. Both are excellent experiences. Pack your suits and leave the cold behind in these amazing indoor parks. There are slides, lazy rivers, wave pools and so much more. This is a fantastic way to spend a cold day in a warm indoor park!


Movie Night

A more budget-friendly experience can be a movie night. Get the sleeping bags out, turn the lights off and order up a movie On Demand from your cable provider or from Amazon. Along with the movie have a caddy full of movie theater snacks like candy, popcorn, and their favorite soda.


Treat the little girls in your house to an at-home mani-pedi. I buy nail wraps from Ily Nails and for the price of a mani-pedi in a shop I can do it at home for all the girls! The time spent doing nails and creating memories is so important. With one set I can do my toes and my daughter’s toes.


Make your own coupons for special treats. This can be done by hand or on a computer. Your child can cash them in when they want. Some ideas are below.

~dessert for dinner

~special sleepover

~picnic in the park

~making cookies

~game night

~family walk

Remember…along with experiences you are creating memories. Take a few pictures but be present in the experience. Laugh, enjoy and celebrate this time with your little ones. That will be a far greater gift than a toy that sits on a shelf.


  1. These are fantastic ideas! The last thing our kid need is more stuff!

  2. Amber Kolb

    Painting your own pottery is such a fun thing to do. It’s really relaxing too!

  3. Sandy Klocinski

    These are awesome ideas!

  4. Cindi Knowles

    Thank you for sharing all these great ideas!

  5. These are some great and creative gift giving tips for the little ones! #trafficjamweekend

  6. Sara Tarver

    Sounds like fun ideas!

  7. kathy pease

    I love Movie Night especially when my granddaughter spends the night 🙂

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  10. Zim

    You’ve just given me good ideas. I’m not a good gift giver, but now I realize that I’d do much better with gifting with experiences instead of things.

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