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Five Easter traditions you need to add…

Five Easter traditions you need to add…

When I hear the word Easter images of bunnies, bonnets and chocolate come to mind.  As a child, I remember dressing up for church in white dresses, little hats, and shoes that pinched my feet.  The world is more relaxed now.  For some Easter is about going to church and celebrating the death and resurrection of Christ.  For others, it is about egg hunts and Easter baskets.  Both are good things.

Let’s kick it up a notch?  Start some new traditions.  Add to this holiday regardless of how you celebrate! 

One-Fly Kites

Did you know that flying kites on Good Friday was a thing?  It was believed to have been started by a local schoolteacher in Bermuda to demonstrate the ascension of Jesus.  Still to this day kites are flown on Good Friday at the Horseshoe Bay Beach for the annual Good Friday Kite Festival.  A kite is the perfect low-tech, fun-filled activity.  If you do Easter baskets why not stick one in?  Spend some time outside and then every year always add a kite!

Two- Make Hot Cross Buns

Adorned with crosses as a religious reminder, the traditional Easter treat has been made and enjoyed on Good Friday or Easter Sunday for decades.  This is an easy dessert (or eat them at breakfast…no judgment). Need a recipe check this out at All Recipes.   Tweek it to make it your own but dust off the bakeware and spend some time cooking!


Three-Make an Easter Tree

Easter trees have their origin in Germany.  There, it’s known as Ostereierbaum, or Easter egg tree. It’s also popular in neighboring Poland, Austria, and Hungary.  In the U.S., Easter trees are popular in the Pennsylvania Dutch region, but you can find people all over the US that decorate an Easter tree.  Why not join them?  Make one out of branches and twigs or buy one here.  Either way, it would be a fun and festive way to celebrate the holiday!

Four-Scavenger Hunt

As kids get older looking for plastic eggs in the yard is not as exciting as it used to be.  Why not put a twist on it and send them on an adventure.  Instead of having an Easter basket in the living room or on a kitchen table hide it and leave clues as to where they can find it.   Put the clues in the little plastic eggs with a small piece of candy.  This can be done in an apartment, in a house, on a farm, or in a backyard.  You just need to be creative.  Put clues in the fridge, in the washing machine, under rocks.  As children find the clue they read it and head to the next location.  Have several clues or send them on a long adventure.  Either way, the end result is finding a goodie basket at the end.

Five-Bake a Carrot Cake

When you think of Easter you think of bunnies, spring…carrots?  Sure…why not?  While you are dusting off your bakeware to make hot cross buns try your hand at carrot cake!  I don’t think there is another cake that is more fitting for Easter!  Imagine fresh cream cheese frosting!  Oh my!  I snagged this recipe from Inspired Taste.  They had me at the word easy!


No matter how you celebrate Easter add some new traditions and spend time with family!  Laugh, love, and enjoy the day!


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