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Life in the Pandemic…

Life in the Pandemic…

We are all so sick of Corona. It is everywhere. News. In the stores. Online. You can not escape it. So we as a family have decided to focus on the positive.

We are safe at home.

We have everything we need.

My husband and I both have jobs that we can do from home.

My daughter has adjusted very well to being at home. She now wants to be homeschooled. She loves setting the schedule for her work and gets it done.

My anxious daughter has not had any issues since she had been home.

Our 50-pound lap puppy is now completely housebroken.

We moved the week before this all went south. Being home has allowed me to really set up the house and make it a home. I am able to putter around in the garden. I am able to

We are taking family walks.

We participate in “Take Out Tuesday” every week to support our local food places.

I was able to buy a trampoline from an old high school friend. We set it up and I am able to see my daughter using it while I sit at my table and work. She LOVES being outside. She even zooms on that thing!

My husband and I love to sit on our porch in our rocking chairs and enjoy the world. We have a river across the street and it adds a nice backdrop.

With that all said…I know not everyone is as blessed as I am. Many people are facing real hardships. I wish I could give you all a hug….but a hug is not going to pay your bills or keep food on your tables. For those struggling, I hope you find the relief you need.

Friends…this will not last forever. Even the Spanish Flu of 1918 died out in the summer of 1919. Our normal may forever be changed but I hope on the other side of this we are all the better for it. Look out for each other and try to find the positive where you can.


  1. Ida LaValley

    Will you try to homeschool her? I am glad that she is doing so well with being home. I, in a way, envy all of you. I am blessed that my hubby and I both have essential jobs, but we have to go to our work places for work. I cannot work from home and he is maintenance at a retail store. We are making this work for us too.

    1. beachchairtracy

      We are not sure. It is still up in the air. I have to go back to teach. It is easier to have her on my schedule. Who knows what thing is going to do come fall. We do know we will cut her after school activities down. It is nice all being home.

  2. Dale Steele Nicolov

    I find that finding things to feel gratitude for and grabbing the small victories in life is so important to keeping healthy.

  3. I help to raise my two grandchildren and they are total opposites. The older one actually brought all of her grades up and is doing excellent being at home. The younger one however, I think he needs more structure and he dearly misses all of his friends and teacher.

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