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Reasons to run…

Ok…let’s be honest here. We all know those people who love to run. They own more sneakers than pants. I get it. It is good for you. It is a great way to let off steam. I am more of a water person. I look like I won’t move fast on land but get me in the water and BOOM! I am a shark! Ok…not really a shark but a fast fish. I am strong in the water. Having been a lifeguard for many, many, MANY years I know how to use my height and weight to my advantage against a panicked drowning person. I have been known to clamp onto a larger man and stick like glue! I am like a tick. Once I am on I am super hard to get off. It is a matter of survival. You won’t get out of my lifesaving grip.

But I digress. Back to the list of reason to run.

1. There is a sale at Cinnabon.
2. An armored truck has crashed and there is money floating all over the road.
3. You ate Tunorkey….not sure what tunorky is? Check it out here
4.  You have a child about to barf all over your new van.
5.  Your Bible study group is making an impromptu stop and your house looks like you have 18 feral children living there instead of the one lovely child.
6. Your dog has somehow managed to acquire a large live snake in her mouth and is making a frantic run for the house.
7.  You are side by side with another parent as you both eye the last must-have toy on the shelf.
8. Dead asleep the sound of your dog barfing on the bed makes its way through the fog and hits your brain.
9 You hear “mom…we are out of toilet paper…can I use this towel called guest?”
10. You are being chased by a killer with a knife. Only a knife. If he has a gun don’t bother to run. Why die tired. A knife you may have a chance to get away. So pick up those feet and run like mad!

So there you have it. My 10 reasons to run. Now if you will excuse me there is a donut with my name on it…

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