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You Did It!

What? What did you do?
You SURVIVED/THRIVED the summer! Can you see it? Just around the corner school STARTS!  SCHOOL!!

No more
I am bored
Can I have a friend over
I am hot
Can I go to a friends house
Can I buy a new game
Do I have to read
I am bored
Can we go to the water park
Can we go to the moon
I am bored
There is nothing to do
The list goes on!

Why do I say survived and thrived?   Well if you are like me some days you were a rock star. Lunches made, car packed, agenda in hand for a fabulous outing.  Child engaged, enriched, entertained! Mom for the win.
Other days I survived. I was like a cave troll and when I stepped out into the sun I started to smoke so had to run back in. Hair a mess. Dishes in the sink. Child binge watching The Magic School Bus.

But we did it.

Pat yourself on the back.

So moms raise your glass of coffee, soda, water, protein shake, tea, wine (no judgement…this was a long summer) and lets toast! Another successful summer!  Well done mommas!  Well done!


Now the teacher in me says

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  1. Haha! Yes it’s almost like a victory saying that our holidays have 3weeks to go oh no! Thank you for linking to #Thatfridaylinky please come back next week

  2. This is how I will be feeling in a week’s time, hopefully! My little girl is only in preschool 15 hours a week so I didn’t think the holidays would make much difference to us at the moment, but having a new baby has thrown things! We’re nearly there though! #kcacols

    1. beachchairtracy

      Isn’t it amazing how one small body changes things up? Enjoy your little family! Preschool is an amazing time for learning! Thanks for stopping by.

  3. Totally! And yet this summer has whizzed by and our 8yo has been at the childminder’s for some of it so the pressure’s been off in that sense! #kcacols

  4. Amen and cheers to that! The end is in sight! Thanks for linking up to #kcacols. Hope to see you back again.

  5. Haha nope, no back to school for us. But it’s by choice and a choice which I’m very happy about so no need to weep for me lol x #KCACOLS

  6. Definitely! I can’t believe we did it! It has been hard dealing with the girls for 8 weeks! I really don’t know how we managed! lol But finally they start school next week and I can breathe again! lol 🙂 xx #kcacols

  7. I wished my summer holidays were a bit longer…as a teacher I only had three weeks and I had to go back to school way before all the kids! Thanks for linking up with #kcacols – I hope you can join us again next time!

  8. Marko

    Hahaha , never looked at school brakes that way. But that is advantage in living in rural area , kids have fun outside.

  9. Zvonimir

    He he he , kids , just send them outside to play in backyard

  10. Congratulations! Our youngest graduated from Bowie State University in May so I’ll never know this joy again
    .Thanks for sharing #trafficjamweekend

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